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Are Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs?

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Greyhounds are a wonderful family pet. They are sensitive and lovable. Greyhounds are considered one of the fastest breeds as they were originally bred as hunting dogs.

Even though they look tough and athletic with their large size, Greyhounds are instinctively compassionate and are known to be a lazy and cuddly breed.

They make excellent apartment dogs even though they can be large. They like small spaces and they are the type to nap and laze around your apartment for hours. They shed very little so they are easy to maintain.


A simple daily walk or exercise and then they are good to chill on the couch for the rest of the day. Greyhounds are playful yet gentle and easy to manage. They are a good companion as they are loyal, affectionate, easy-going, and calm.

Greyhounds have a strong prey drive so they are not to be trusted off leash. They tend to chase after small animals when going out.

They are independent dogs that can handle being alone but they do get separation anxiety so make sure that they are comfortable and always make time for them. When they are puppies, refrain from leaving them alone for a long time.

When bringing your Greyhound to their new home, they are still adapting to their new environment hence it is better to spend time with them and not leave them alone for a while.

Greyhounds are a perfect dog if you want a big pet but with a limited space. There are a lot of things to consider when bringing a Greyhound home to your apartment.

Make sure that your lifestyle would meet their needs so they could live a healthy and happy life in their new home. Here are some basic information and care requirements for Greyhounds to make sure they are properly taken care of.

Life Span

 The Greyhound’s average life span is 10 to 12 years.


The average height of male Greyhounds is around 27 to 30 inches with 65 to 75 pounds of weight. Female Greyhounds are usually 26 to 28 inches tall with a weight of 60 to 70 pounds. They are large dogs but are comfortable in small spaces.


Greyhounds only require minimal grooming and have very little doggy odor due to their short fur. They have a smooth, short coat that is easy to maintain. Greyhounds do not shed a lot so occasional brushing and bathing would be good as they are clean dogs.

You can rub their coat with a hound glove or currycomb to get rid of dead hair. Trim their nails regularly and brush their teeth to prevent bad breath and mouth diseases a few times a week.



Greyhounds are good with other dogs, they are sociable and also get along with cats. They have a very friendly demeanor and are not aggressive.

Greyhounds are reserved with strangers but affectionate to their family. They have a sensitive nature and adapt well to quiet environments and families with children.


Greyhounds are dogs that must live indoors. Due to Greyhounds’ short fur, the lack of undercoat, and little body fat, Greyhounds are very sensitive to extreme temperatures of the outdoors so it is not recommended for them to live outside.

In hot weather, supply them with a lot of water as they dehydrate easily. During cold weather, keep them indoors in a heated environment.

If they need to go outside, supply them with proper clothing, such as a sweater for those chilly months. Greyhounds love a quiet and peaceful environment and too much noise can stress and aggravate them.


Greyhounds are quiet and they barely bark, which makes them great apartment dogs. There are only a few reasons why they bark. One is when they ask for something specific, like if they wanted to go outside to go to the bathroom.

Another one is if they become bored and lack mental and physical activity, especially when they are left alone. They also bark when they feel fear if there is a threat.

Exercise and Activity

Considered one of the fastest dogs in the world, Greyhounds actually do not need a lot of exercise. A moderate amount of daily exercise will keep them happy and healthy.

A simple daily walk is good for them, which exercises them physically and stimulates them mentally. They need at least an hour a day for exercise but it also depends on each dog, some requiring more than an hour.

greyhound dog wearing a cute cloth leash

A three to four short walks or two long daily walks is good exercise for a Greyhound. Create an exercise routine for your Greyhound.

They need to also run freely a few times a week, so it’s good to find a spot which is enclosed and safe for them to run around. Greyhounds tend to nap and relax the whole day but you need to give them their proper daily exercise to be healthy.

Greyhounds who don’t get their daily dose of exercise tend to get bored which might result in a negative behavior like chewing and barking. So giving them their daily exercise is important for their behavior and health.


Greyhounds are naturally well-mannered and compassionate. They are intelligent dogs that learn basic obedience commands quickly and easily. Potty training is fast with Greyhounds.

They are sensitive dogs that require gentle and positive reinforcement while training and they respond well to gentle commands. It might be challenging to train them much more than the basic commands as they can be stubborn. Patience is key when training them.

Greyhounds are good pets to have in your apartment as they have a calm and relaxed personality and they do not require a big amount of space to live in. They love to live indoors with small spaces and they are a lazy breed with a calm temperament who sleep a lot.

mom and daughter in the garden with their greyhound pet

Greyhounds are friendly, sociable and caring, and adapt easily to their environment. They are low in maintenance and require little exercise. The lovable Greyhound would definitely be a great roommate and companion in your apartment.