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9 Quiet Apartment Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

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After a long day at work, who doesn’t want to receive lots of love in the form of sloppy kisses from a four-legged friend?

But when you live in an apartment, having a furry companion can be stressful because you might disturb your neighbors.

Luckily, there are certain types of dogs who can live peacefully in small spaces, such as an apartment!

When you decided to own a dog, it is important to know that like all dogs, they also need exercise to keep themselves healthy.

small maltese dog sitting on bed looking at the camera

Remember, even the best apartment dog out there can suffer from separation anxiety if not properly trained to calm himself down when he is alone.

Aside from training, your dog must also have fresh water, food, and toys to keep himself entertained while you’re gone.

And, as mentioned earlier, don’t forget to bring him out for his daily walk. Don’t worry, if you’re not fond of an active lifestyle, there are certain dogs that only require a minimal amount of exercise. 

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about the nine quiet apartment dogs that can be left alone.

1. Basenji

Originally bred to hunt small game, the Basenji from Congo now makes fun, loving house companions.

Not only do they make good apartment dogs, Basenjis are also suited for first-time and novice owners!

Cute basenji dog lying on a bed at home in bright living room.

While this breed may also be referred to as “the barkless dog,” the Basenji still makes other sounds, such as growls, whimpers, and yodels – all of which are actually common for dogs.

They’re quite energetic, so they demand a 30-minute walk or play sessions every day. Basenjis are independent dogs as well.

When it comes to shedding, they’re not as problematic as other dogs. In fact, with their short hair, Basenjis are considered low-shedders. Bathing should only be done when necessary.  

2. Basset Hound

White And Brown Basset Hound Dog sitting on the floor

Like the Basenji, Basset Hounds were originally bred to hunt small game, such as rabbits and rodents.

Today, if they aren’t trained to hunt small animals, Basset Hounds are independent, laid-back canine companions that are well-suited to apartment life.

Known as the Hush Puppy dog, Basset Hounds have an independent nature so training might be a challenge, though it also means that they are okay with being alone, provided that they have their necessities with them.

They are gentle, adaptable, and affectionate dogs who need moderate amounts of exercise, or else they can become overweight.

As a loving dog, don’t be surprised if they suddenly curl up on your lap despite their short, yet long size. 

Basset Hounds are not that active indoors.

If you leave them for work, they will pretty much spend their time alone sleeping.

That’s why it’s important that you encourage them to walk every day. They do shed all year round, so make sure to brush them every week.

Bathing should only be done when needed.

3. Bullmastiff

Cute Bullmastiff face lying on the floor

Despite being quite large in size, Bullmastiffs are included on our list because of their mellow personality.

Often called as “silent watchdogs,” Bullmastiff are capable of protecting their loved ones from intruders. They are fearless, and can become standoffish towards strangers. 

Because they are mellow dogs, Bullmastiffs only require a minimal amount of exercise, such as a few short daily walks.

They are okay with being left alone, though they should stay in a cool and comfy place since they are prone to heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

In addition, they also drool but it shouldn’t be a problem compared to what they can offer you. 

While this big loving dog can take up a portion of your space, it is surely worth it. 

4. Lhasa Apso

Despite its small size, the Lhasa Apso is good at guarding any homes – apartments, condos, homes with yards, or even palaces.

Though this breed may look gentle with its size and long coat which make it appear gentle and cute, Lhasa Apsos are actually loyal and protective dogs, though it doesn’t mean that they’re actually aggressive. 

Lhasa Apso has an independent nature and likes doing its own thing.

Unlike the very sweet Labrador Retriever, this breed is not a people-pleaser.

For novice owners, Lhasa Apso is a good choice, though they need a firm owner who knows how to handle them correctly since these dogs can be manipulative, especially if they perceived their owners as weak. 

Because of their long, flowing coat, Lhasa Apsos should be brushed daily.

Frequent baths are also important to prevent build-up of unseemly smell.

Closeup shot of a lhasa apso sticking his tongue out

5. Chow Chow

With their unique, lion-like appearance, Chow Chow’s personality is often described as cat-like.

They are independent, and sometimes can be distant. While they may not be the cuddliest dog out there, Chow Chows make good protectors.

Like with all independent breeds we have mentioned earlier, Chow Chow can also be difficult to train, so patience and consistency is a must.

They need lots of exercise that can either be a couple of 15-minute walks, or a one long walk. 

While they don’t mind being alone, Chow Chows should not be left alone for too long.

Brushing should also be done frequently – two to three times a week to be exact. 

6. Chihuahua

A cute little chihuahua sitting on a chair

Known for their small size, Chihuahuas are suited for homes with smaller space.

Despite this, they’re full of personality and can even compete in dog sports such as agility and obedience competitions.

Not only that, they are alert and wary dogs who are included in the top 10 watch dogs recommended by experts!

The fun-loving Chihuahua loves to be around its people, but if you need to leave for work, they can patiently wait for you provided that they are properly trained to be alone and they have their essentials with them.

If possible, you can have two Chihuahuas in your home so that they can hang out together while you’re gone.

After all, Chihuahuas do well in pairs.

7. Boston Terrier

Known as the “American Gentleman” because of their strikingly tuxedo-like coloring, Boston Terriers are sweet and affectionate dogs who can adapt to any type of home.

However, their short nose and short coat makes them susceptible to both hot and cold climates, so they should be kept indoors during these times. 

Because they tend to be inactive indoors, Boston Terriers should be taken outside to get their daily exercise requirements.

They are easy to groom as well. Weekly brushing and occasional bathing would be enough to keep their coat in its best condition.

However, you should always wash their face and check their large eyes for any buildup of dust that may cause redness or irritation.

Cute Boston terrier dog on white couch

8. Greyhound

Known for their speed, Greyhounds are large dogs who are best suited in apartment life because of their love for sleep.

They are couch potatoes, and wouldn’t mind sleeping while you’re gone. 

However, after you get off from work, make sure to take them out for a quick run.

Greyhounds are sprinters, so you don’t need a large area to meet their exercise requirements. 

Although Greyhound puppies are cute and all, you may find many “retired” Greyhounds up for adoption. You may want to consider these dogs since they are still capable of offering you years of friendship. 

At home, they are sweet and affectionate dogs, though they can be wary towards strangers.

They are also prone to cold climates, so make sure that they wear something, such as a thick coat, during these times. 

9. Maltese

As one of the smallest dogs among Toy breeds, Maltese is a fun-loving, versatile dog.

Also suited for first-time owners, Maltese will patiently wait for you to come back whenever you’re gone.

They tend to sleep a lot, so don’t worry about leaving them alone for a while.

Also, you don’t need to take them out for daily exercise, Maltese can pretty much meet their exercise requirements through running and playing inside the house since they are known to be active indoors. 

However, because of their long coats, grooming might be demanding for this dog. Take it as an opportunity to bond with your dog.

But if you are not confident about grooming them by yourself, you can always get help from a professional groomer.

Final Thoughts

This ends our long list of quiet apartment dogs that can be left alone.

Regardless of your choice, always keep in mind that having a canine companion means that you also have a great responsibility of taking care of them, as well as meeting their needs in order for them to have a long, healthy, and happy life.

If you find this article helpful, or think that someone you know might need to read this, then make sure to share it with them!