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Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

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Perhaps one of the most popular dog breeds out there, the Golden Retriever is loved for its intelligence, loyalty, and companionship.

With golden coats that are either wavy or straight, lovely eyes, and charming smiles, this breed is surely a beauty!

However, owning one can be intimidating especially if you live in small spaces without a backyard, such as an apartment.

Golden retriever dog on apartment bed

After all, this breed is energetic and medium-large in size, which means it requires a great amount of physical activity.

With that being said, do you think Golden Retrievers can still live in an apartment? The answer is yes, Golden Retrievers are versatile dogs, and are capable of living in an apartment. However, will they be good apartment dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are good apartment dogs, so long as their needs are met. Whether you live in an apartment or in a house with a large backyard, it will all depend on how you take care of your dog.

More than the size of your home, the most important thing is the time and effort you can give to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Can a Golden Retriever be happy in an apartment?

woman enjoying cup of coffee during breakfast at home.Writing on notebook.cute golden retriever dog

As mentioned, while the size of your home will be a good factor in meeting your Golden Retriever’s daily physical needs, it will still depend on how much time are you willing to give for walking and letting him burn off his energy.

A Golden Retriever can only be happy, regardless of where he lives, if he is given time, affection, a healthy diet, and a good amount of exercise.

True, a backyard is good to have for your Golden Retriever to run around and play all day, but without your presence, he won’t fully achieve happiness.

If a dog has too much energy, he tends to look for an outlet to release it. Which means that if he stays inside the apartment all day, he can burn off his energy by barking, chewing your furniture, or even digging at the carpets.

A good balance between time and exercise is the key to having a happy Golden Retriever.

Will Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Golden Retriever on apartment deck biting a belt

All dogs bark and the Golden Retriever is not an exception. It is a dog’s way to communicate with humans and with other animals. However, being smart dogs, this breed will not bark without a good reason.

That said, he may bark to alert you if a stranger is around, though being the friendly type, he’s more likely to invite them over for a cup of coffee instead of driving them off.

Aside from giving you an alert, there are other reasons why a Golden Retriever will bark. Another one is when he wants your attention. This breed is a family dog and thrives when included in family activities.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if he suddenly barks at you if you seldom give him attention. That only means he’s asking for belly rubs, or he wants you to take him for a long walk outside.

As mentioned earlier, too much barking is not normal for most dogs, including the Golden Retriever. If your dog barks too much, it may be because he is suffering from separation anxiety, or it is his way of releasing his energy.

Keep in mind that giving your dog harsh treatments, such as punishments, will not solve this issue. If you’re not confident about giving your dog proper amounts of time and exercise per day, then you should consider if dog ownership is right for you at this time.

Thankfully, the Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog. If you think it learned a bad behavior, such as barking at a certain person or a toy which he is not supposed to have, it can easily be curbed through proper training.

Overall, the Golden Retriever may give happy barks to greet their friends, but too much barking should give you a sign that something is wrong.

Are they a good option for first-time apartment dog owners?

Cute golden retriever dog lying on sofa with laptop indoors

To answer this question, first, let me tell you that this breed is a wonderful option for first-time and novice dog owners.

Golden Retrievers are eager to please, easy to train, intelligent, friendly, playful, and it’s just a joy to have them around. Unlike other dogs, they are not known to need a firm and strict owner.

Now, if we’re talking about how good they are for first-time apartment dog owners, it will all depend on you.

Can you provide them with daily exercise needs? Can you give time to provide them with proper training? Considerations such as these need to be addressed first.

While they can be a good option for first-time dog owners, keeping them well-behaved and healthy in an apartment will be up to you. That said, so long as you can meet their basic needs, then the Golden Retriever will be an excellent apartment companion even for first-time dog owners.

Tips for raising a Golden Retriever

adorable sisters palming golden retriever in children room

Now, we’ve come to the last part of this article. Now that you know that the Golden Retriever can be raised in an apartment, let’s explore more on how to actually raise them and what to expect from this wonderful breed.

They need early socialization

At first, a Golden Retriever may need to adjust to his new environment, which is your apartment. For him to be comfortable, he needs to be exposed to various sights, sounds, animals, and people.

That said, make sure to allow time for him to get a good daily walk at the park, or in your neighborhood. Since they are friendly, it’s also a good idea to visit a friend’s house who also owns a dog.

Remember, this breed is very friendly so it won’t take much time before he gets comfortable with another canine.

They require regular grooming

This breed sheds all year round but will shed more during fall and spring. Daily brushing is highly recommended to remove loose hair, as well as keep their coats tidy and clean-looking. Aside from this, they will also need a good bath every month.

Like all dogs, daily brushing of your Golden Retriever’s teeth is highly encouraged to prevent buildup of tartar and bacteria.

Nails should be trimmed at least once a month. If you’re a first-time dog owner and not sure of how to groom them, it is best to seek professional groomer’s help.

They love to retrieve

Of course, expect this breed to enjoy retrieving games. After all, they’re named Golden Retrievers!

May it be tossing a ball, or playing fetch, your pup will surely enjoy such activities so make sure to engage them in such entertainment outside.

That’s not to say that retrieving cannot be done inside. We mentioned that this breed is smart, therefore will easily be trained for household chores.

You can train the Golden Retriever to bring you a newspaper, a tissue, a remote, or basically any item that could fit in his mouth.

They are “mouthy”

Having a “mouthy” characteristic is common for retriever breeds. That said, expect this breed to always have something in his mouth: a ball, a toy, a household item, or even your socks.

They need to be regularly checked by a veterinarian

Like all dogs, the Golden Retriever needs to have a regular appointment with his veterinarian. This is extremely important for it can avoid possible worsening of your dog’s health condition if he ever had one.

Dog-proof your apartment

Keeping your apartment a secure place for your Golden Retriever is an important factor to keep him safe at all times.

By dog-proofing your apartment, it means keeping harmful items out of their reach, such as gasoline, pesticides, chocolates, and other items that are bad for their health if ingested. You should also keep your valuable items in a safe area.

They need their family’s presence most of the time

Golden Retrievers are the happiest when surrounded by their family. That said, they should not be left alone for a long time.

If you work for more than 8 hours per day, then don’t consider having this breed. Without the presence of their family, this breed will develop unnecessary and destructive behavior – a clear sign of separation anxiety.

Provide them with a healthy diet

Being the cute they are, it is easy to get enticed by this breed, which results in giving them more snacks and treats.

However, the Golden Retriever is prone to becoming overweight, which can bring on other health issues. Make sure to maintain a feeding schedule and be aware of how many snacks or treats they get.

And that ends our article for today. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your family and friends!