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Best Indoor Cat Breeds

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Most cat breeds, if not all, can live indoors provided that they are physically and mentally stimulated. There are, however, certain cat breeds who do better inside the house compared to others.

For today’s article, we list some of the best indoor cat breeds.

These cats vary from being lazy to playful, from quiet to talkative, while others crave for human attention more than the others.

Without further ado, I present to you the best indoor cat breeds for your home!

1. Birman

Cute lovely birman cat relaxing on the armchair at home

Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” the Birman is an ancient cat breed.

This breed is a pointed cat with deep, round, blue eyes.  It has a long body with a stocky build. 

The head is triangular in shape, but because of its broad skull, Birman’s face looks round. Its coat is long, soft, and silky, but because Birmans don’t have an undercoat, they are less prone to tangling and matting.

The Birman can become quite jealous and territorial, but they don’t tend to be aggressive.

Because this breed is an introvert, it tends to be more attached to a single family member.

2. British Shorthair

British blue Shorthair cat on a bed with sunlight

A medium- to large-sized cat, the British Shorthair’s weight varies from 9 to 20 pounds with a height ranging from 12 to 14 inches.

This cat breed has a wide chest, short yet athletic legs, and a thick tail.

The British Shorthair plays well by itself. Originally, they were bred to keep small animals, such as rodents, from invading their owner’s land.

While they can keep themselves occupied, the British Shorthair still needs to meet its daily amount of exercise, as well as constant interaction with its owner. 

3. Burmese

a brown burmese cat lies on a bed with white sheets

Originated in Burma, the Burmese is actually heavy for its size, with weight reaching up to12 pounds. It is a stocky medium-sized cat and has a very athletic body.

Usually, a kitten Burmese is very active and playful, although they tend to mellow down as they grow older.

This breed will enjoy watching the environment from the window. They’re also an excellent climber and jumper, so it’s a good idea to have a cat tree inside the house.

The Burmese cat loves getting attention from its owner.

They enjoy belly rubs and while they can get along well with other Burmese, this breed may not be comfortable around other cat breeds.

4. Devon Rex

Sphynx Devon Rex cat close-up.

A mischievous small cat, the Devon Rex is known as the pixie of the feline world.

This breed has big eyes, large butterfly ears, slim body, and long legs.

Playful and fun-loving, the Devon Rex can easily get along with all family members, including children.

These cats are sure to make their family laugh all day through their funny antics and playful performances, provided that they are given affection and love.

5. Himalayan

Himalayan cat sitting alone at home

Also called “Himmies,” the Himalayan is a medium-sized cat with a long, full, and thick coat.

Its appearance is similar to a Persian, including its round body and small legs.

What differentiates the Himalayan from a Persian is its eye and coat color. The Himalayan has deep blue eyes with a coat that varies. It can be white with black, chocolate, cream, blue, red, lilac, or tabby color points.

At home, Himalayans tend to exhibit zoomies – an act they do from sleeping to suddenly running around the room with all their might.

For this reason, Himalayans are both quiet and very active at the same time.

Considered as a cat who’s friendly to everyone, this breed makes the best companion for people who can make time to groom them, as well as give them enough exercise and attention.

6. Munchkin

Cute little muchkin kitten

This cat is known for its very short yet incredibly cute legs. The Munchkin may be short on legs, but they actually have a very big personality.

Aside from his legs, this breed actually looks like a normal-sized cat.

Munchkins are known to be extroverts that are always full of energy. They also get along well with children, other cats, and cat-friendly dogs.

This is an intelligent cat breed, so make sure to provide a Munchkin with lots of mentally stimulating activities, such as training and puzzle toys.

7. Persian

Close up portrait of a brown and white persian cat

A medium- to large-sized cat, the Persian is another incredible indoor cat breed that possesses heavy, muscular bones, short yet thick legs, short neck and tail, and large head with a short nose.

This breed loves the sun, so expect him to stay by the window where sunlight can enter.

These cats are also known to exhibit sudden bursts of kitten-like energy, which basically means that they can go from being quiet to running around the house in less than a second.

A friendly cat, Persians will express their affection by staying as close next to you as possible.

8. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat with blue eyes climbed into retro cart near Christmas tree.

If you want a cat that will always be excited for affection, then the Ragdoll is an excellent choice.

Much like a dog, this cat will happily greet its family by the door, and can also learn tricks and commands so long as positive reinforcement techniques are used.

These are large cats with long, beautiful hair. Known to be sweet and loving, it’s no wonder that the Ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

This breed is good for apartment dwellers, although they will need regular grooming to keep your home clean from fur, as well as to keep their coats smooth and tidy.

9. Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat Portrait with Woolen Sweater and Balls of Wool

The Russian Blue has a unique bluish grey coat color.

But what makes them more unique is their deep bottle green eyes. If a cat has the same coat color but does not have that deep bottle green eyes, then it’s not a Russian Blue.

Don’t be deceived if someone claims that they have a Russian Blue.

Aside from their striking coat and eye color, the Russian Blue is also popular for its “natural smile.”

The are a strong and muscular cat with long legs and can run at a fast speed.

A sweet, loving cat, the Russian Blue can stay alone while you’re gone, but when you’re at home, they need your affection and attention.

Although they tend to be close to one family member, this breed can get along pretty well with the whole family.

Although they like to be included in family activities, the Russian Blue also needs some time alone, thus you may find them sleeping in the quiet and isolated part of the house.

They also tend to be aloof towards strangers.

10. Scottish Fold

Cute Scottish fold cat sitting near catnip beside the window

Named after their cute folded ears, the Scottish Fold is adored by many people because of their sweet temperament.

Because of their folded ears and round face, the Scottish Fold is often compared to owls. However, not all cats of this breed have their ears folded.

The Scottish Fold loves attention, and is the happiest when surrounded by other family members, including children and other pets.

They are active mousers who are known to be friendly, fun-loving, and expressive.

However, since they thrive on human attention, they might not be the best cat breed for you if you’re always away.

11. Siamese

Cute Siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Known for their beautiful appearance, the Siamese is a light-colored cat with a darker coat color on its face, paws, ears, and tail.

A popular cat breed, the Siamese is highly sociable, and will usually follow its owner around the house.

They’re also talkative and playful, so if you don’t mind having a cat who likes to “chat” with you, then this breed is a great choice.

However, like the Russian Blue, this cat also needs human attention. So, if you’re always away, then they’re not suitable for you.

12. Sphynx

Two Sphynx Cats lying under Christmas tree with festive red polka dot gift boxes

Known for their hairless body, the Sphynx likes to always be around its owner, usually curling up on its person’s lap.

This breed is very friendly and sweet, but they’re also intelligent so you will need to provide them with mentally stimulating activities.

Being a loving cat, this breed will happily greet you at the door.

Although they do not have hair, keep in mind that this breed still needs a lot of grooming to keep their skin healthy and free from germs and diseases.

13. The Moggy

It’s not a specific breed, but a Moggy is a name for a mixed breed cat.

Mostly found in local animal shelters, the Moggy is usually a rescued cat who was previously abandoned.

The Moggy is sure to surprise you with their varying personalities, of course depending on their experiences and their mixed breeds.

Overall, these cats are sure to provide you with never-ending love and trust.


And that ends our list for the best indoor cat breeds.

I hope by now you’re able to decide which cat is the best for your home.

Just remember to always meet their needs and you’ll have a loving feline companion!

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